A magazine offers many different settings that you can edit, which will be explained in detail here.

To get to the settings of your magazine first navigate to the document manager by clicking on "My magazines".

Then choose "Edit magazine".

Depending on the plan you chose, the amount of options that you can edit may varie. On the top of the settings page you can see how many features you can currently use.

Basic settings

The first settings are the basics which sould be changed on every magazine.

Title: The title of the magazine which is displayed prominently under the magazine. Try to keep the title as simple but still informative as possible.

Description: The description will be shown under the title and can be much more in detail. Try to fully describe your magazine, which doesn't only help your readers but also our search engine to better index your magazine.

Language: Choose the language in which the magazine was written. This defines in what language the UI around your magazine will be shown.

Category: Choose the correct category for your magazine

Tags: The tags help Yumpu and other search engines to better categorise and index your magazine. Choose a few tags that best describe the content of your magazine, but not too many.

Magazine settings

Visibility: The visibility settings define who can and who can't read your magazine and if the magazine should be indexed in search engines. You can find out more about the privacy settings here

Pageview: You can choose between double or single page preview.

Google Analytics Code: If you want to track views and the readers of your magazine you can include a Google Analytics code in your magazine. More informations here

Magazine quality and zoom factor: These sliders define the quality of your magazine. Read more about that here

Magazin valid: Defines two dates in between which the magazine can be read. It is not readable outside of that timespan.

Blurred magazine: You can blur out specific pages of your magazine to make them unreadable. More about that here

Page Teaser: You can overlay an image on specific pages to get the user to click on a link. More about that here

Page element color: The color of all hotspots in your magazine

Social sharing on Yumpu site:  Activates or deactivates the "Share" button below your magazine and the share buttons at the end of your magazine.

Download magazine:  This feature allows your readers to download the original PDF file.

Print page in Yumpu player: This feature allows your readers to print pages or the whole magazine directly from the Yumpu player.

Show recommended magazines:
If activated, recommended magazines are shown below your magazine and on the side of your magazine in fullscreen mode.

Branding in Yumpu player: Removes the branding from the magazine. If you want to use your own logo this needs be activated. More on how to add your own logo here

Activate HTML5 full screen on Yumpu: Some mobile devices don't support the standard fullscreen mode. If you activate this feature you allow the magazine to be opened in a new tab instead of not opening at all.

Drop shadow in Yumpu player:  A shadow effect in the background of the magazine.

Shadow effects on pages:  A shadow effect directly on the pages of your magazine.

Upload a new revision:

If the PDF of your magazine has changed you can upload the new version as a revision. All the settings, views and the URL will stay the same while the magazine itself changes. If you already added hotspots you need to first export them and import them after the update. More about that here

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