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Why can't I book a plan?
Why can't I book a plan?

Finishing the booking process is not working

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If you are having troubles booking your plan, it's because the payment method used to book could not be charged by our system.

When booking a plan, an invoice is generated and a charge is issued immediately. If this is not successful, our system is not able to complete the booking process.

Here are some possibles reasons for this.


Check your payment details for

  • Typos

  • or transposed numbers

Amount available:

Please check if there is enough money deposited on the payment method you tried.

  • check available amount

3 -D Secure

Credit Cards can have the problem, that they need to be verified through a 3 -D secure authentication. Here you can find further information on 3-D secure payments:

Blocked country:

In some cases, credit cards can only be used in a defined range of countries. As our headquarters is in Switzerland, it might cause some problems for (mostly) distant countries (geocontrol / geoblocking)

  • Contact your bank and check the permitted countries

Other problems:

If none of the above mentioned options lead to success, then you can only try to:

  • contact your bank

  • use a different payment method

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us under

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