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Validating existing Credit Cards with 3-D Secure payment
Validating existing Credit Cards with 3-D Secure payment

How to validate an existing Credit Card with 3-D Secure Payment in your Yumpu Account

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Yumpu may occasionally require revalidation of the credit card deposited in your Yumpu user account in order to ensure that the transaction is safe and secure.

If such a revalidation is required to successfully complete the transaction a notification about the failed transaction, including the error code shown below will be sent to the account holder:

Your card must be authenticated with 3-D Secure before continuing.

In order to re-enter the authentication for the respective credit card deposited in your user account, and to allow the transaction to process safely and secure, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Yumpu user account and select the "My Account" tab in the drop-down menu shown, when hovering over your profile name in the upper right corner. After the "My Account" tab has been loaded please select the "Current Plan" tab from the navigation on the left-hand side:

2. In the next step, please select the "customize plan" option located in the lower right corner of the "current plan" area:

3. Afterwards, please select the "change" button in the upper right corner in order to access the form used to update payment methods:

4. Please enter your First and Last Name as well as your credit card number, date and CVC once more and confirm the information provided by clicking on the "save" button. A pop-up will be displayed afterwards asking you to submit your verification via your chosen verification method. Please check the information shown in the pop-up in order to successfully authenticate your credit card and ensure safe transactions.

Authentication pop-up example (pop-up may vary depending on your bank):

If further questions in regards to the validation process arise, please establish communication with our support team via the following email address:

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