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Registering a new account
Registering a new account

Learn how to create a new Yumpu account

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If you want to start publishing on Yumpu, you need to create an account first.

You can either register with your email address or you can login with a social network account. Follow this link to get to the registration page: 

Username guidelines

With both methods you will have to pick a username. Please pay attention to our guidelines when picking a username. They can be found here: 

Register with an email

If you register with your email, you will get a confirmation email to your address with a link. Click that link and your account will be activated.

Register with a social network

If you login with a social network you will have to enter the basic information of your account on the first login (email, password, username). You can then also use these information to login later on.

Activate account

Afterwards the account needs to be activated via email:

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