After you created a new account you will need to activate it.

Registered via email:

If you registered with your email account you will get an email with an activation link and a password for your login.

Just click the link and your account is activated and ready for login.

You can login here: 

If you don't recieve your activation link please make sure that adresses are whitelisted by your email software and firewall and that the email is not in your spam folder.

If it still does not work please contact us under 

Registered via social network:

Social networks don't give us access to the email address of your account, which is why you need to enter this information manually after the registration. You also need to choose a username and password with which you can login if you don't want to login with your social network account.

You can't access the account before you entered those information. If you get an error when choosing the username it may have already been taken or you are not following our username guidelines which can be found here: 

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