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Embed templates

What are embed templates and how you can create them

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Embed Templates: Presets for Creating Embeds

Embed templates are pre-configured settings that allow you to save and reuse specific configurations for creating embeds. This feature enables you to streamline the embed creation process and maintain consistency across multiple embeds.

Creating a New Template:

  • Open the embed wizard and navigate to the 'Advanced' widget.

  • Customize the settings of the embed according to your preferences.

  • Once you have configured the embed to your liking, locate the "Save as template" option at the bottom of the embed wizard.

  • Click on "Save as template" to initiate the template creation process.

  • Provide a name for the template to easily identify it in the future.

  • Optionally, you can add a description to provide additional details about the template.

  • Finally, click on "Save" to save the template.

Using an Existing Template:

  • When creating a new embed, open the embed wizard.

  • Look for the drop-down list at the top left of the embed wizard.

  • In the drop-down list, you will find a selection of available templates.

  • Choose the desired template from the list to apply its pre-configured settings to the new embed.

For information on deleting an existing embed template, refer to our comprehensive guide.

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