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Webkiosk "ads" widget
Webkiosk "ads" widget

How to display advertisements on your Webkiosk page using the "ads" widget

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To display user-generated advertisements in a Webkiosk please follow these steps:
Navigate to your Webkiosk overview, by selecting the "My Webkiosks" tab from the drop-down menu which is displayed when hovering over your profile picture

Look for the name of the Webkiosk you would like to edit and click on the "Tasks" button on the right-hand side of the respective entry.

Select the "Edit Design" tab that is available via the drop-down menu to open the settings page for the respective Webkiosk. You will then be forwarded to an overview of all of the widgets which are currently active in your Webkiosk

In the next step, click on the "Add a widget" button in the upper left corner of the "Edit Design" settings menu and select the "Ads" widget to add a new widget, which acts as a container for your advertisements to the Webkiosk.

Locate the newly created "Ads" widget in your Webkiosk and hover your mouse cursor over the widget element to display the pencil icon, which allows you to edit the settings for this specific widget. Click on the pencil icon next to open the settings page for your newly created "Ads" widget.

A pop-up will now be displayed showing the settings for the "Ads" widget. Please add your advertisement's 'ad-unit-path' (1) as well as its "width" and "height" dimensions (2) into the requested fields and select if the advertisement should actively be displayed (3). Click the save button after you are finished setting up the widget.

Navigate back to your Webkiosk and reload the page. You should now see the previously added advertisement displayed on your Webkiosk page

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