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Web Kiosk SSO Setup

How to activate SSO certification for your Web Kiosk

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In order to activate SSO (Single-Sign-on) authentification for your Web Kiosk please follow these steps:

Please note, that the option to add SSO authentification to your accounts Web Kiosks requires an active Pro Kiosk membership!

  • First, log in to your Yumpu user account

  • Second, navigate to your Web Kiosk settings menu by selecting the "My Webkiosks" tab from the selection available when hovering over your profile:

  • You will be forwarded to the "Your Webkiosks" area where you can edit the settings for any available Web Kiosk contained in your user account

  • Click on the Pencil icon located on the righthand side of the Web Kiosk entry you would like to edit, to access the settings menu:

  • In order to set up SSO authentification please select the "SSO" tab from the navigation menu on the left-hand side

  • The set-up for SSO authentification will now be displayed on the right-hand side:

  • In order to enable SSO authentification for your Web Kiosk, please set the option "Activate SSO" to "ON" and then provide specific parameters used with your SSO setup below. Any entries not used with your setup should be left empty.

  • After you have finished adding your parameters please finish the task by clicking on the save button.

Your Users will now be able to use their existing login credentials (for example a username and password provided via your website) in conjunction with the login functionality in your Web Kiosk by clicking on the "Login with SSO" button that is displayed in the "Member login" pop - up afterwards.

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