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Corporate Design for your WEBKiosk
Corporate Design for your WEBKiosk

How to get a individual design for your WEBKiosk

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Let your own WEBKiosk be styled by a professional graphic team.

The "Corporate Design" add-on makes this possible.

What does the Corporate Design add-on include?

  • The WEBKiosk will be designed individually for YOU.

  • Our graphic department will completely take over the styling of your WEBKiosk in your own corporate design and branding.

  • You'll define how your WEBKiosk should look like (e. g. adjusted to your own website).

  • The white-labeled WEBKiosk will be delivered within a few business days.

How it works?

The WEBKiosk Design package is an add-on available for the WEBKiosk subscription. In order to take advantage of it:

  • Register to Yumpu here or login to your account here

  • Subscribe to the WEBKiosk subscription here

  • Activate the add-on "Corporate Design" for a one-time payment of 360€

  • Afterwards you will receive an email with some information that we need to setup the WEBKiosk properly. Please answer this email with all information filled out.

  • As soon as we receive your reply and the invoice is paid, our graphic design team will start creating your WEBKiosk.

  • When our graphic design team is done, we will inform you.

The add-on is a one time payment and our graphic design team is styling your WEBKiosk once. If you want to change something afterwards or want to rebrand your WEBKiosk, you need to do it yourself or book the add-on again.

The add-on can be added at any time to an active WEBKiosk subscription here.

Note: There is no consideration of any discounts/coupons for the Corporate Design add-on.

Please feel free to contact us at for a personal advice.

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