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Deactivation of TLSv1.1 for WEBKiosk domains
Deactivation of TLSv1.1 for WEBKiosk domains

The TLSv1.1 encryption will be removed from WEBKiosk pages.

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As this protocol is outdated and has some security risks, we have therefore decided to no longer support this protocol. Newer browsers are already not supporting this protocol for quite a while already.

What does that mean for existing WEBkiosk pages?

For the majority of your visitors nothing will change.

It only affects your visitors that use an older browser such as IE 8 or IE 10. They will get an error message instead of seeing your WEBKiosk. Browsers that no longer work without TLSv1.1 currently account for around 0.8% of the internet traffic. (So 99% are not affected by this)

If you or one of your readers receive an error message, you (or they) should consider switching to a newer browser as this is also a security issue.

If you or your readers are affected, we are very sorry, but we had to turn this protocol off for security reasons.

For further questions, please contact us at

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