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Facebook registration failed
Facebook registration failed

Registering with your Facebook login failed – here’s the solution

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You’ve tried to register with your Facebook account but received the following message?

”We need your email address in order to inform you about suspicious account activities if necessary. This security measure allows us to protect your account against unauthorized access. “

In order to being able to create a account, you need to remove the connection on Facebook. 

Here’s how it works:

1) Log in to Facebook

2) Click on the arrow on the top right and then on “Settings

3) Afterwards, click on “Apps and Websites“ in the left navigation bar  

4) Tick the box next to and click on ”Remove“   

5) By clicking again on “Remove“ you’ve successfully deleted the connection

You can now create a account with your Facebook login:

Please note that we need access to your email address in order to successfully complete your registration.

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