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Where can i find the Shared Secret keystring?
Where can i find the Shared Secret keystring?
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If you would like to sell your Magazines present in the App via subscriptions, a Shared Secret keystring is required.
To acquire the Shared Secret keystring please follow these steps:  

  • Open the “My Apps” Tab and select the App entry that you would like to edit ( For this example the Yumpu APPKiosk Test entry has been used )

  • Next select the “Features” tab in the upper left corner 

  • Click on the entry called App specific key (shared secret) in the Window to the right and copy the Code that will be shown in the pop up. 

  • If no entry is present yet, a new one can be created by clicking on the respective option in the Pop up. 

  • If a Master Key ( Master Shared Secret ) is already present in your Account it can be displayed by clicking on the "Show Masterkey ( Master Shared Secret )" option.

    Enter the code shown into the App information form of your APPKiosk entry in your Yumpu Useraccount afterwards.  

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