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Activating In-App-Purchases for your Magazines
Activating In-App-Purchases for your Magazines

Learn how to activate In-App-Purchase for your magazine

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To activate In-App-Purchase for your magazine, open the respective Magazine settings by clicking on the "Edit Magazine" button (This example uses the Magazin 01 entry). 

On the Magazine settings page select the "Appkiosk Settings" Tab:

To mark the Magazine as purchasable Item check the button "Is IAP sale item" and insert the Apple and / or Google-Product-ID (these ID's can be copied directly from the Appstore connect account and Google play console, shown in the blue rectangle).

  • Learn how to create an In-App-Purchase in iTunes Connect here 

  • Learn how to create an In-App-Purchase in Google Play here

Important! If the magazine should be available for sale on only one of these platforms a stand - in Product ID (in the example shown the magazine should be on sale in IOS only, thus Android uses a stand - in ID: 012013) has to be entered for the other provider.   

Next you will have to set up a blurred page range for the magazine. 

  • Select the "Visibility Settings (1)" Tab and activate the "Blurred magazine (2)" option:

  • Set the Page range 

  • In addition to the blurred pages a page teaser image can be displayed. If you would like to display a custom Image check the "Activate page teaser (3)" option and upload an image via the respective option. This image will be displayed in front of the blurred pages afterwards. 

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