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How to set up a cover embed

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Using the magazine cover embed, you can provide your readers with a preview of your magazine. By clicking on the magazine cover, readers will be redirected to your Yumpu magazine.

Follow these steps to edit the settings for your magazine cover embed using Yumpu:

  • Go to your magazine link preview and locate the "Embed" button. It is located in the upper right corner.

  • Click on the "Embed" button and select "Magazine Cover" or "Get widget now" to proceed.

  • On the left upper side of the opened window, you will see the iFrame code for your embed. This code will allow you to embed the magazine cover on your website or platform.

  • The Settings of the embed are structured into several tabs, each offering different options for customization. There are six different embed cover settings categories.

  • Basic

To define the starting page of your magazine, go to the "Basic" tab.

  • Size

Adjust the width of the embed in the "Size" tab. The height will be automatically adjusted to maintain the aspect ratio.

  • Style

Customize the background and manage the cover appearance in the "Style" tab. If you prefer a plain cover with no border, set the "Just plain cover, no border" option to either "Yes" or "No."

  • Just plain cover, no border: set to "No"

  • Just plain cover, no border: set to "Yes"

  • Headline

Set a headline for the magazine cover and choose its style in the "Headline" tab.

  • Magazine fullscreen

In the "Magazine fullscreen" tab, specify whether the magazine should open in fullscreen mode or on a new site.

  • Download PDF

In the "Download PDF" tab, you can enable or disable the PDF download option for the embedded magazine.

  • Once you have made the desired changes, review the configurations.

  • Copy the iFrame code and paste it into your website or platform where you want the magazine cover to appear.

  • Save the settings and test the embedded magazine cover by clicking on it to ensure that readers are correctly redirected to your Yumpu magazine.

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