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How to create a promo for your magazine

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If you own a premium plan, you're able to create a promo video for your magazine.

Attention: Make sure that your magazine has 8 pages at least. Otherwise the video can not be created.

After clicking on "Embed" and choosing "Video Embed", you can configure the embed.

1 Setup

In the first step, you're able to add a Video title, Videotype and the Email address the Video Embed should be sent to.

2 Design and Content

In the second step you're able to define the content and design of your Video.



Background Sound:



3 Confirm

In the next step you'll get a summary of all the scenes and you're able to make some corrections.

Before you create the video, you're able to upload the Video onto your Youtube-Channel.

4 Complete

The video will now be created and then sent to you by email. You can copy the provided Embed Code and embed the Video into your website.

The video will be sent to you via email and you're able to download it as mp4.

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