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Payment via SEPA Direct Debit
Payment via SEPA Direct Debit

Learn how to pay via SEPA Direct Debit

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To pay your invoices via SEPA Direct Debit, please follow these instructions:

  • Access your account by logging in.

  • Navigate to "Current Plan" by selecting this option from the menu.

  • Inside the "Current Plan" section, find and click on "Customize Plan."

  • Within the "Customize Plan" page, locate the "Change" button and select "SEPA" as your preferred payment method.

  • Provide the necessary details for your SEPA payment and be sure to save your changes.

  • Once you've completed these steps, all your future invoices will be automatically debited from your bank account.

​SEPA Direct Debit payments are available in the following countries:

  • Austria

  • Germany

  • Belgium

  • France

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Luxembourg

  • Netherlands

  • Portugal

  • Spain

If you're in one of these countries, you can enjoy the convenience of SEPA Direct Debit for your payments.

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