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Creating In-App purchases in Google Play
Creating In-App purchases in Google Play
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If you would like to sell magazines in your Android App you would need to create an in-App purchase in your Google Play console for each magazine that needs to have a price tag attached.
The steps to create an In-app purchase in your Google Play console are as follows:

  1. Login to the Google Play console with your Username and Password 

  2. Select the "All Applications Tab" in the menue on the left side

  3. Select the application you would like to add in-app purchases from the selection shown in the Google Play console

  4. After the application has been loaded, open the "Store presence" tab in the menue on the left side and select the tab labeled "In-app products" 

5. After selecting the "In-app products" tab, look to the main screen of the Google Play console and you should see the following information be displayed: 

6. Click on the button labeled "Add new product" and you will be prompted to select the type of product you would like to add for your Android App and what product ID this product should use.
Please select "Managed Product" for the type and enter a Product ID for the product. This ID is used to mark the respective magazine as in-app purchase inside your App. The Product ID can consist of letters (lower case A-Z) and numbers (0-9).
Attention: Product IDs are unique and cannot be altered again once the in-App purchase has been created.
After the product type has been selected and the Product ID has been entered click the "Continue" button in the lower left corner of the Pop-Up to continue the process.

7. On the next screen you will need to add the title and the description of your managed product. You can also add additional translations for your in-app purchase by clicking on the "Add Translations" button and selecting additional languages.

The entries for the title and description of your In-app will be visible to your readers purchasing your magazines.

8. In the next step you will need to set a price for your in-app purchase. You can do so by clicking on the "Add a price" button found in the "Pricing" tab.

9. When clicking on the "Add a Price" button, a pop up will show, which will allow you to enter the price of your managed product under the "Default price" tab. You can also show the exchange rate of your selected price for other countries by selecting them via the checkboxes in the "Local prices" tab.

10. After editing the default price to your liking and selecting the exchange rate for local prices you can finish the process by clicking on the "Apply" button in the lower left corner. 

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