The settings you can choose from in an embed differ depending on the embed type you chose, but they are always found under the same tabs.

Basic tab

Embed startpage

The first page that will be shown when the embed is loaded.

Size tab


The width of the whole embed. The height will then automatically be set to fit the magazines aspect ratio.


If your magazine should have double pages or single pages. The page turning effect is only available in the double page mode.

Collections tab (bookshelf):

Load magazines from

Select the collection containing the sections with the magazines you want to embed. The sections will be shown as individual pages in the shelf.

Style tab

Background color & Background texture (bookshelf):

What kind of color should be behind your magazine. Can be any HEX code or can also be transparent.

Fullscreen background:

The background color during the fullscreen mode of the magazine.

Border & border strength & border color:

Adds a border around the whole embed.

Magazine size (bookshelf):

The size of the magazine covers in the shelf.

Show magazine titles (bookshelf):

If the titles of the magazines should be shown above or below the magazine cover.

Flip trough sections (bookshelf):

If the currently active section should change automatically after some time.

Show section titles (bookshelf):

If the sections should be labeled or not.

Color style of flip buttons (bookshelf):

Depending on the background color or texture you may want to make the flip buttons on the side dark or light.

Headline tab

The headline is the part above your magazine were the title and username information is shown.

Show headline

Completely deactivates the title.


The title shown above your magazine.


If your username should be displayed below the title.

Font family & Bold & Italic & font size & font color

How the title and the username should be styled.

Tools tab


Automatically flips trough your magazine every few seconds, page by page.

Player elements tab

Page numbers

The number of the current page in the bottom right corner.

If the Yumpu logo or your own (if you uploaded one) should be shown. Only works if you activated the branding.

Powered by claim

If the "Powered by Yumpu" claim should be shown. Requires the AdFREE plan to deactivate.


The miniature pages below your magazine for fast navigation.

Search in embed view

If you want to allow readers to search in your magazine.

Fullscreen Elements tab

The elements shown above and besides your magazine in fullscreen mode.

Share buttons

The buttons on the top left and top right corner of your magazine that are used to share on several social media sites.

Download PDF

Allow your readers to download the original PDF file of your magazine. Must also be activated in the magazine settings.


Allow your readers to print the magazine. Must also be activated in the magazine settings.

If activated, recommended magazines will be shown to your readers.

Magazine fullscreen tab


Choose if the magazine should be shown on a new site or directly in fullscreen mode. If it should be shown in fullscreen mode, the uploader of the magazine needs the AdFREE plan or higher.

Where and how the magazine is opened.

"On new site": If you choose on Yumpu (fullscreen), the magazine will be shown on a page without anything around it, so it looks almost like the real fullscreen mode.

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