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Setting up and sending Push notifications
Setting up and sending Push notifications

How to send push notifications to your APPKiosk apps

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You can send push notifications to all readers who downloaded and installed your Android and/or IOS app. They will then get a notification in the smartphones notification bar.

First select the "My Appkiosk" Tab 

Alternatively you can click on "Kiosks" and then select the "APPKiosk/PROkiosk" option:

On the next Window look for your Appkiosk entry and click on the "Tasks" Button on the right side. Select the "Settings" option:

In the next window select the "GCM (Android Pushnotifications)" and/or "APNS (IOS Pushnotifications)" Tab:

Activate the respective push notification option by clicking on the "Activate GCM/Activate APNS" Button. Please note that Apple push notification services require an APNS certificate to function. You can learn how to create APNS certificates here. Press "Save & Close" after the options have been activated.

Important! Please note that push notifications can only be sent and recieved if your Android or IOS App shows the "Live" Status and can be downloaded from the respective storefront (Appstore and/or Google Play Store).

If your Appkiosk shows the "Showcase" status the option to send push notifications will be unavailable: 

After activating the push notification options select the Appkiosk entry and select the "Push notifications" option. A new Window will open where you can compose your message (Red rectangle).

After composing your message you can choose to either send a delayed notification by selecting the calender icon shown in the blue rectangle and selecting the desired Date and Time (Please note that our Database uses GMT+0 timezone), or you can choose to send the notification as soon as you click the "Save" Button (select the checkbox beneath the Date and Time option in this case).

Your message should be displayed on your mobile device shortly afterwards. 

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