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How to add links, videos, audios and slideshows to your magazine

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You can add multimeda content respectively interactive elements to your magazine in the so called "Hotspot Editor". 

To get there, first go to "My Publications".

Then click on the little "pen icon" to edit your magazine

Scroll down to the section "Hotspot Editor" and click on "Enrich your publication"

You are now in the hotspot editor.

  • (1) On the right side you can choose the page you want to add the element to.

  • (2) Then you can choose what element you want to add on the left side.

  • (3) To add an element click the icon on the left side and then drag the element open on the page.

  • (4) After that you can see a box on the right side in which you can configure the element.

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