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How to edit a WEBKiosk row and what the row settings do

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Every row in your WEBKiosk editor can contain multiple widgts and can be split down in multiple sections.

That's why a row can become a big part of the WEBKiosk and therefore has its own array of settings that you can configure.

To edit a row click on the little pen icon in the top right corner.

Style Tab

In the Style tab you can style that specific row. The changes won't affect any other row or element in your WEBKiosk.

Settings Tab

In the "Custom Selector" input you can add a custom class or id to the row, which can then be used to access the row from a CSS style.
In the "Area" selector you can define where the row is in the WEBKiosk. Depending on your choice it will behave and look differently.

Learn how to create a CSS Style here

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