If you want to add a large amount of readers to your PROKiosk, you can do that with our CSV importer. The importer also checks the CSV file once a day and updates all entries.

The file with your readers shoud look like this:


Only the username and password fields are required.

To import the generated CSV file go to "My magazines" and then to "Kiosks" --> "Members".

Click on "Importer".

Now you have to configure the importer.

  1. Enter a name and a description to stay organized.

  2. Add the URL of the CSV file on your server. If it is password protected (via HTTP) choose that option and enter the credentials.

  3. Define the names of the columns you used in your file. Username and password is required, the others are optional.

  4. You can let Yumpu create access tags for the readers automatically. Choose the documents the readers should have access to. If you already added the tags in the CSV, this is not required. Learn how to create access tags here

  5. Select which Kiosks the users have access to.

  6. Save the importer. It will run the import task once every day from now on.

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