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Showcase Android and iOS app testing
Showcase Android and iOS app testing

Learn how to get a demo of our Yumpu APPKiosk

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You can test the Yumpu APPKiosk and get your own iOS or Android app for your magazines. For this we offer so called "Demo apps".

To load your own demo app follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the APPKiosk settings of your Yumpu account and add a new APPKiosk by clicking on the “Add an APPKiosk” button.

  2. Select the option “Scan code” from the “Tasks” drop down menu.

  3. Use your mobile device to scan the displayed QR code via the “Scan code” option located in the system menu of the Yumpu app.

  4. Your APPKiosk will open displaying your magazines and you can now test the app’s features.

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