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Add an audio file to your magazine
Add an audio file to your magazine

Learn how to add audio hotspots to your magazine

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You can either add Soundcloud songs or any audio file from your PC to your magazine. 

To get started go to "My Publications"

Then click on the pencil icon to edit your magazine:

Scroll down to "Hotspot Editor" by clicking on "Hotspot Editor" in the left sidebar:

 Now click on "Enrich your publication":

Then select the desired page from the magazine on the right side of the editor. After that, click on the audio hotspot icon on the left side and drag the element open on the magazine page by holding down the left mouse button.

Now you can configure the hotspot on the right side, where a new box has opened. Select the source of the audio file. If you select "Soundcloud", you just need to insert the URL of the Soundcloud song.

If you want to upload your own file, select "Yumpu" as the source and click on "Select media". Click on "Upload Files", select your file and then click on "Insert".

Note: There is a limit of 25 MB for mp3 files.


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