What is a collection and how to create it

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What is a collection?

  • You can use collections to organize and sort your magazines, just like you do on your desktop with folders. 

  • Every collection contains one or multiple sections in which the magazines are stored. This way you can sort your magazines by date, brand, category, etc. 

  • Collections are also used to get magazines into a WEBKiosk or an APPKiosk.

  • Every WEB- or APPKiosk can be connected with one collection. The Kiosk then contains all the sections and magazines of that collection.

How to create a collection?

To create a section, go to "My publications".

Scroll down to the "Collections" area and click on "Create a new collection".

Click here to learn how you can create collections and sections.
Learn how to arrange your magazines with sections and collections: Click here

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