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Export and Import hotspots
Export and Import hotspots

Learn how to export and import your multimedia elements

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Export hotspots

  • Log in to Your Account

  • Access "My Publications".

  • Open the publication where you want to export or import hotspots.

  • Find and select the "Hotspot Editor" option.

  • Click "Enrich Your Publication" Banner

  • Within the "Hotspot Editor," locate the icon in the bottom left corner labeled "CSV."

  • Click on this icon, and a new window will open.

  • In the new window, navigate to the "Export" tab and select a format of your choice (CSV, Excel, or Google Docs).

  • Download the chosen format file. This file is essential for restoring your hotspots later, so ensure its safekeeping.

  • Optionally, you can edit the exported file to make changes to the hotspots.

Import hotspots

  • To import hotspots, click on the "Import" option.

  • Choose the desired file from your device.

  • Confirm your selection by clicking on "Open."

  • Done!

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