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The WEBKiosk editor explained in detail

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The WEBKiosk is a powerful tool and has its own editor, which will be explained here. 

Tutorial Video

Text Tutorial

To get to that editor go to "My WEBKiosk".

Then click on "Tasks" and "Edit Design".

Now you can see the layout of the WEBKiosk.

  1. Add a row
    Ads a new row at the bottom of the WEBKiosk. You can drag the row anywhere you want. Rows can contain multiple elements like images, text, html, etc. Rows can be split up in multiple parts (more about that in point 5).

  2. Add a widget
    Widgets are the individual components that your WEBKiosk is made of.  Each element you can see is a widget (for example the logo, the magazine or a text box). If you add a widget with the “Add a widget” button, the widget will placed at the bottom of the page. If you already have a location where you want the widget, you can add the widget with a click on the “+” – icon.
    You can find an overview of all WEBKiosk widgets here

  3. CSS Styles
    With CSS Styles you can change the design of your WEBKiosk.
    If you click “My CSS Styles” you can create new styles or edit existing ones.
    If you click “Select CSS Style” you can  choose one of your existing styles for the WEBKiosk. Yumpu offers a few premade style templates for you. Learn more about CSS styles here

  4. Preview
    If you have changed anything in the WEBKiosk you can view the changes by clicking on “Preview”.

  5. Row layout
    If you want to insert multiple widgets in one row you can divide the row into multiple sections. Every section can contain multiple widgets.

  6. Edit Widget
    If you want to edit a single widget, hover over it with your cursor and click on the “Pen” – icon  If you want to delete the widget click on the red “X”.

  7. Edit row section
    You can edit the settings of a row section by clicking on the “Pen” – icon.  There you can define things like background color and font size.
    If you want to add a new widget to the section click on the “+” – icon.

  8. Edit row
    To edit a whole row click on the “Pen” – icon in the upper right corner of the row.
    To delete the row click on the red “X”.

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