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Update an existing magazine
Update an existing magazine

Learn how to upload a new revision of an already created magazine without loosing the current settings and URL

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You can update already existing Yumpu magazines with a new PDF file. This doesn't change the settings of the magazine or the URL. All embeds will stay functional and will display the new version. This feature requires a premium plan.

Video tutorial (this video may have the old backend)

Export hotspots

First you need to save your current hotspots, as those won't automatically be in the new revision. Please note that this only works if the page structure and amount of your magazine doesn't change. Otherwise the imported hotspots won't be at the correct place.

Go to "My Publications"

Now click on the pencil icon to edit the magazine

Scroll down to "hot spot editor" by clicking on the title in the left side bar

Open the hot spot editor

Then click the "CSV" button.

Go to the "Export" tab and choose a format of your liking. Here we choose "CSV", but you could take any of the options.

You will get a .csv file. This file will be used to restore your hotspots later on, so keep it save. If you want you can edit the file to make changes to the hotspots. This can be useful if for example something about the page structure changes after the new revision.

Uploading the revision

Now it is time to upload the new PDF version. 

Go to "My Publications"

Now click on the pencil icon to edit the magazine

Click on "Re-Upload" under your the preview magazine.

Choose the new PDF file and upload it. After it has finished processing, go to the Hotspot Editor again (via "Edit pages"). Click on "CSV" and this time choose "Import". Upload the saved .csv file and your hotspots will be imported. Done!

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