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Adding an Email Link Hotspot to your magazine
Adding an Email Link Hotspot to your magazine

Learn how to open the readers email software from a hotspot link element

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  • Log in to Your Account

  • Access "My Publications".

  • Open the publication where you want to add a link.

  • Find and select the "Hotspot Editor" option.

  • Click "Enrich Your Publication" Banner

  • Within the "Hotspot Editor," you'll find an icon in the upper left corner labeled "Create internal or external web-link." Click on this icon.

  • A new link element window will appear. Drag this window to the spot in your magazine where you want to add an interactive link.

  • In the "Page Element" section in the upper right corner of the link element window, enter the command "mailto:youremailaddress." For example, if your email is "," it should look like ""

  • In the "Page Element" section, you can adjust the name and tooltip for the link. These fields allow you to provide a clear description for your readers.

That's it! Your email link hotspot is now set up in your magazine.

For more detailed guidance, you can refer to this resource on creating link hotspots.

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