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How you can style your WEBKiosk with CSS styles

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With so called "CSS Styles" you can change the appearance of your WEBKiosk. You can define colors, fonts, use your own CSS codes, etc.

Managaing CSS Styles

To manage your CSS styles first go to "My WEBKiosk".

Then click on "Edit Design".

Now click on "My CSS Styles".

Here you can see your existing styles.

Creating a CSS Style

You can create a style from the ground up or you can copy an existing style and edit that one.
Go to "My CSS Styles" again. To create a new style click on "Add a new CSS Style" and if you want to copy a style click on "Copy an existing style".

Edit a CSS style

To edit a style you can go to "Tasks" and then to "Edit" at the style

In the dialog window you can style the WEBKiosk. In the tab "CSS" you can add your own CSS code. If you want to target a row, you need to give that row an identifier. You can do that in the row settings. More about that here

Using a CSS Style

If you want to apply a style go back to your WEBKiosk ("My WEBKiosk" --> "Edit Design"). Click on "Select CSS Style" and choose the style you want to use.

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