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The page teaser is a graphic which can be overlayed over specific pages. This, in combination with the "Blurred magazine" feature, makes the magazine unreadable and shows the reader a click to action image. When the reader clicks on the page teaser, he/she will get redirected to a link of your chosing. 

More about the "blurred magazine" feature here

To get started go to "My Publications"

Then click on the pencil icon to edit your magazine:

Scroll down to the "Visibility Settings".
Now upload an image for the page teaser. After the upload you need to choose on which pages the teaser should be. You can choose single pages ("1"), sections ("3-7") or open sections ("20-"). Multiple entries need to be seperated by a comma ("1, 3-7, 20-"). The URL defines where the reader will be redirected after a click.

The page teaser is now visible in your Magazine.

Requirements: Maximum resolution of the Image should be 1024x768 pixels. Resolutions exceeding these measurements might not be displayed correctly. 

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