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PDF upload limits
PDF upload limits
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Document Upload Instructions:

  1. PDF Size Limit: Each uploaded PDF file must not exceed 600 MB in size. If your file is larger than this limit, please reduce its size before uploading.

  2. Maximum Pages: Your PDF can contain up to 2500 pages. If your document exceeds this page limit, consider splitting it into smaller files or selecting a relevant subset to upload.

User Categories and Upload Limits:

  1. adFREE Users: Users with the adFREE subscription can upload up to 5 publications per day. Please ensure you stay within this limit to make the most of your subscription benefits.

  2. WEBKiosk Users: WEBKiosk users can upload a total of 100 magazines. Please keep track of your uploaded magazines to ensure you do not exceed this limit.

  3. APPKiosk and PROKiosk Users: For APPKiosk and PROKiosk users, there are no limitations on the number of magazines you can upload. Feel free to upload as many magazines as you need to make the most of your user benefits.

Please note that adhering to these guidelines will help maintain smooth operations and ensure a positive experience for all our users. If you encounter any issues during the upload process or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team at for assistance. Happy uploading!

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