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Learn how to allow your readers to download the original PDF of your magazine

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To utilize this feature, it is necessary to have one of our paid subscriptions. Follow the instructions below to enable the desired download options for your readers:

  • Start by accessing your account and locating the "My Publications" section

  • In the "My Publications" section, locate the "pen edit icon" on the right side. When you hover over it, the icon will turn blue.

  • Click on the blue edit icon to open the editing options.

Within the editing options, you will find two download choices that you can enable for your readers:

  • To enable downloads from the preview mode, scroll down until you find the "Allow downloads" option and tick the corresponding box.

  • Click on the "Publish" button to save your changes.

  • Once selected and published, readers will be able to download the content from the preview mode, and the "Download ePaper" button will be visible in the preview mode.

  1. If you also want to allow downloads from the fullscreen mode, follow these additional steps:

    • Activate the download button in the Player Settings and publish. This ensures that readers can download the content from the fullscreen mode as well.

  • The download button will then appear on the top right corner of the opened magazine.

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