With these embed types, you can embed your entire magazine on your website. In this tutorial you will work with the advanced embed. The custom embed functions the same, but it doesn't offer as much features as the advanced embed.

After clicking on "Embed" and choosing "Advanced Embed", you can configure the embed.

At the top, you see the generated code and below you can choose how you want to use the embed.

The Settings of the embed are structured in several tabs. 


Here, you can define on which page your magazine will be opened at the first load.


Here, you can change the width of the embed. The height is adjusted automatically. Moreover, you can determine if the magazine is displayed as a single or as a double page magazine.


In the style settings, you can change the background and other styling attributes.


These settings affect title and the username, which are displayed above the magazine.


"Autoflip" flips automatically through the pages every few seconds.

Player-elements and Fullscreen-elements

Here, all the user Interface elements can be activated and deactivated. Some of these settings depend on the magazine settings too (e.g. "download PDF" or "Share Buttons"). When these are deactivated in the magazine, they also do not function in the embed.

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