Magazines can be read directly on your website with so called "embeds". These embeds use an iFrame or Javascript and load your whole magazine onto your website.

Tutorial Video 


To generate the embed you need to click on "Embed" below your magazine.

When you click on "Embed", the "Embed Wizard" will open up. Here, you have the choice between several types of embeds. 

Custom and Advanced

With these embeds, you can embed the complete magazine. The advanced embed offers more features and is meant for more expertised users. More Information here

Textlink, button, Magazine cover

A simple text, a button or a magazine cover which can link directly to yumpu or in the fullscreen mode.


This embed can represent several magazines at once in a bookshelf. Your magazine collections serve as the source. More Information here


With this embed, you can generate a video of a magazine for advertising purposes. More Information here

Learn more about the settings of all embed types here 

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